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Project Description


A collection of older work, smaller work and random work of which I’m still very proud.

eCoverage ~
This .com set out to dominate the insurance business by changing the way people bought insurance. Then they lost funding. The end.

Herradura Tequila ~
Subtle ads for a subtle tequila.

EagleRider ~
EagleRider is the country’s largest motorcycle rental company, and tend to cater to Europeans looking for a fun way to tour the US. These ads ran in motorcycle enthusiast magazines, and were also translated to run in German, French, and Austrian tourist magazines and websites. I have no idea if they still made any sense.

Archie’s of Hollywood ~
Some local ads I did for my barber. They’ve been in the same place since 1965, which makes them real old school – not hipster old school.

The Mighty Ducks ~
I did these while I was freelancing at Disney. To promote DuckGear in the gift shop, The Ducks were just running rather generic column ads in the game program. I threw a few headlines at the execs to add some engagement. They loved them.

Raid ~
An ad I did during a short time on the SC Johnson account. Sometimes, the best strategy is to be completely terrifying.

Maxell ~
This was the first ad I ever produced. I came up with this idea in the days after Jerry Garcia’s passing I was obsessively listening to my Grateful Dead tapes and this idea struck me… I was grateful that we had the music was taped. It so happened that Maxell was one of our clients at McCabe & Company. Our media department discovered that Rolling Stone, Spin, and People were planning tribute issues so we bought space in all three, I scribbled together the sleeve and had the photograph created. It was the first ad I ever produced and still one that I’m most proud of. Recently, it suddenly went viral on the anniversary of the Dead’s final show which is featured in the ad. It’s pretty amazing to see a piece of work that I created is still being appreciated after 24 years.