Project Description

Brätworks Gourmet Hot Dogs

Brätworks is a fast-casual chain that serves up delicious gourmet brats, sausages, and hot dogs. I created their entire brand, and I help with all aspects of their communication including copywriting, voice, look and feel, graphic design, logo and tagline, store design, packaging, social media, the website, advertising, and any other creative ideas that will keep customers lining up. Since I began collaborating with Brätworks they’ve been able to expand throughout Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Palm Springs, and Austin, Texas.

Role: CD, CW, AD, AE
Photography: Betty Cahill, Randy Shropshire

Advertising ~
Brätworks needs to convey their unique offerings quickly and clearly. So I keep the advertising food-centric, and at the same time write lines that effectively convey the voice.

Packaging ~
I created a full suite of packaging complete with copy that continues the brand voice after purchase.

In-Store Environment ~
I work with the architect firm Zalvana to design the restaurants. Together, we carefully map-out customer pathways, design efficient work areas; and choose furnishings, surfaces, and decor. I also designed the uniforms, menu boards, signage, POS, and anything else that keeps the branding consistent across all elements of the business.

Website ~
I designed the new company website which incorporates the new Brätworks branding. In addition to communicating special offers and capturing online orders, the website also delivers the brand to potential new customers through food imagery, voice, and video.

Social ~
I manage Brätworks social accounts, focusing mainly on the visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  These channels give us the opportunity to show our food in an authentic yet appetizing way, complete with all the delicious drips, crumbs, and glops.  Real life photography combined the Brätworks voice quickly tells customers ‘what’s in it for me and my tastebuds’.