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Project Description


CôtéEst Bistro is a small full-service French bistro with a pronounced bar and a unique cocktail menu. It’s located in a highly competitive area with many other restaurants. 

An offer-based campaign brings in first-time customers. A free round of Kir Royales is low-cost for the restaurant and high-value for the customer, and also reflects the sophistication of the brand. Offering a full round of drinks incentivizes the customer to bring more people.  Facebook and Instagram ads lead to a chatbot which delivers a discreet voucher for the round on customers’ phones, and subscribes new customers to a VIP list. I send two reminders
in seven-day increments to keep the offer top-of-mind. 

The campaign brings in an average of 188 subscribers and 102 first-time customers per month. Each month of new subscribers to the bot builds the customer list, with which we continue to engage through a direct channel in Messenger, bypassing ad spend. This is where we create retention.