Project Description

Jack in the Box

I had the privilege of being one of the first creatives hired by Rick Sittig to work on Jack in the Box. The bar was high, so we worked hard to reach it. And by working hard I mean we put Jack in a rowboat with Brian Boitano, turned Jack into a superhero, had Jack as the owner of a football team that always cheated, made Jack and George Hamilton BFFs, and helped Bo Peep find her sheep (Really… That was a spot). Sales grew exponentially during my six years on the account, and I honed-in my skill at writing comedy for brands. Jack taught me more than I ever could have imagined.

Role: AD, CW on radio
Director: Rick Sittig

Radio ~
Jack did a ton of radio. Everybody was always writing spots, and we became regulars at Radio Mercury.

Online Content ~
The TV spots were so popular that they were their own online content, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t add more.

Print ~
Even the POS was fun to do.