Alanis Morissette

For a world tour in 2018, Alanis needed a brand refresh that reflected her current ethos. I presented her many options to help me get a read on her very complex mind. As we homed-in on what she was looking for, I worked to make the branding simple, spiritual, and elegant.


Roots firmly planted in the ground, branches reaching to the sky. And an iron-strong trunk in between.


Alanis loves typewriter fonts. So I chose a nice rough one, and customized it so each letterform was unique.


Pastels tend to have feminine and masculine elements.


I worked in a rough script to compliment the typewriter font. They also pair nicely with tree branches.


The branding was mostly used in tour merch.


The branding informed the site design for 2018.


I sometimes rework my branding into artwork to see how far I can push the design.

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