Brätworks Restaurants

Brätworks is a fast-casual chain that serves delicious gourmet brats, sausages, and hot dogs. Jumping off of the word ‘Works’, I created a look and feel that’s a cross between Detroit Industrial and Hollywood Regency. A Brät is a pretty irreverent food (and word), so I worked-up a quirky voice and wrote engaging headlines anywhere I could. I wanted the customer to really have fun with the brand. Since I began collaborating with Brätworks they’ve been able to expand throughout Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Palm Springs, and Austin, Texas.


I embellished the existing logotype and used that as a launching pad to build the Brätworks brand.


The manifesto lays out the Brätworks difference in no uncertain terms.


A concise way to say the brand promise.

Typography and Palette

Bold industrial typography with red, black, gold and beige creates a powerful look and feel.

Graphic Elements

I added a catalog of graphics to accentuate the look and feel.


Architecture, furniture, materials and textures were chosen according to the brand design.

Point of Sale

I wrote lines everywhere possible to make the brand funny and engaging.

Website and Social

The brand voice and design lives everywhere. Even online.