Lemonshark Poké Restaurants

LemonShark is an entry into the trendy and increasingly saturated poké restaurant category. The client’s differentiating concept was to add an element of sophistication and higher-quality, raising their poké restaurants closer to the experience of a sit-down sushi bar and farther from the glut of fast-casual poké restaurants. I came up with the name and concept of ‘LemonShark’ after learning how unlike most species of sharks that feed on almost anything, the lemon shark is very discerning about its prey and will only hunt for the best fish it can find. In the end, the client went in a different direction with the logo, but my Lemon Shark concept, name and overall brand messaging has helped them grow from three to 28 locations nationwide.

Name and Logo

An aggressive logo that is iconic, and supports name recognition with a literal visual interpretation.


The manifesto explains our connection to the Lemon Shark’s unique feeding characteristic.


The short tagline promises a more upscale poké experience.

Typography and Palette

Vintage typography and luxurious colors complement the vintage illustration style of the logo..

Color Variations

The branding works in many different combinations of the palette, giving it different moods.


Signage featuring real shark jaws.


I created a strangely wry voice for LemonShark, always referring the Lemon Shark in the third person, as if it’s an unapproachable character. Imagine The Most Interesting Man in the World with six rows of teeth. I infused the voice in our Facebook ads and chatbots, and even brought in emojis.


The iconic logo can easily live on its own and still remind people of the name.

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