Project Description

CircuitWorks Fitness

The Fitness industry is in a race to the bottom. 6-week free challenges, free months, free training and lots of other promotions that give away the farm dominate fitness marketing. This is simply not good enough for CircuitWorks. I took the opposite tact and promoted the studio based upon its quality. I used CircuitWorks unique aspects to separate the studio from the pack and offered a simple two-week trial for $19.95. This was enough time for a prospective member to decide if CircuitWorks was right for them, and the small fee made the prospect put some skin in the game so they showed up.

I’m constantly testing different copy versions as well as audience mixes, but maintain the core idea that CircuitWorks is the highest-quality fitness studio around which means members get the fastest results.

Speaking of results… 53 leads in the first three weeks.