Project Description


This one of many Facebook campaigns that I’ve run for LemonShark. It’s a Facebook ad to a chatbot automation that delivers a voucher which the customer redeems in-store, and also subscribes customers to our email list which we use for continued promotion at no ad cost.

ELEMENTS: Chatbot, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

RESULTS: Over 175 opt-ins per week and a 17% redemption rate. 250% Return on Ad Spend. This campaign also revealed customer data about many locations. We found out that people had never heard of LemonShark, despite that the chain had been in business for over two years. Based on this learning, we’re working on increasing awareness messaging online as well as offline to bolster consumer consideration.

This is a great example of how social media marketing can not only deliver revenue but actionable data that would be difficult to find any other way.

I use the brand voice in all paid Facebook and Instagram ads. The ad then not only creates traffic generation, but also supports brand impressions.

Chatbots give me the opportunity to write and time jokes. Nothing gets a customer to love a brand more than comedy.

When it comes to free marketing, comment stacking beats organic likes any day.

Videos with supers work best in social ads. I simply displayed the brand manifesto over images of delicious food.

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