Project Description

New York City Guitar School

New York City Guitar School is a five-location guitar school with over 3000 active students. They needed help building a tight lead gen and sales funnel process for multiple programs in each location. I helped them build out a full system that keeps their pipeline full.

Initially, they were marketing all of their programs to everyone. I redesigned their offering to separate beginners from any other program, and to funnel them exclusinvely to a 10-week initial program. This simplified operations, and allowed for upsells at the end of 10 weeks. I focused all private lessons to intermediate and advanced players, and rebranded them from ‘lessons’ to ‘coaching’. This removed the beginner feel of the word ‘lesson’ and created an vibe of exclusivity.

Beginners 10-Week Program
For market research, I tested over 30 strategies. The one that recieved the best results focused on non-playing
adults who love music, and just want to learn how it ticks.

Advanced Coaching Campaign
We targeted all private lessons to intermediate and advanced players. Beginners who went through the 10-week program could continue with private or group lessons, but we kept that within inside sales. There was no reason to run ads to beginners for anything other than the 10-week program.