We created this online video to promote Johanna Stein’s book, How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane. The video is based on chapter 17 of the book, ‘Things my daughter has said to me’.

ELEMENTS: Single Viral Video

• The video went crazily viral, receiving over 2 million views on YouTube in its first week
• #1 trending post on Buzzfeed
• Featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fast Company, HuffPo, Upworthy, The NY Times, and many other media outlets worldwide
• Johanna was also interviewed on news programs in the US, Australia, and Europe
• The video created an instant sellout of Johanna’s book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and shot it to the #1 selling parenting book for Kindle
• The exposure led to the book being optioned by Will Arnett and CBS for a network pilot
• Won a One Show Silver Pencil to boot

This case study video explains how our video blew-up and helped the book sellout worldwide.

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