Project Description

Qwest Telecom

I ran the Qwest account with two other creative directors. The telecom business is heavily retail – complete with last-minute price wars, special offers, and feature points galore. But the client knew that people hate the telecom business, so creating an authentic and likable brand was also very important.

This campaign promotes Qwest free wifi hotspots by tapping into people’s inner squatter.

Director: Craig Gillespie

Web Stunt ~
This was a stunt we did for a 21 day sale. It was posted in the special offers section of the Qwest website.

Copy: Get free access to thousands of WiFi hotspots when you sign up for Qwest High-Speed Internet. This offer lasts just 21 days which, as luck would have it, is the time it takes an average egg to hatch. So when the chick arrives, the deal goes.

Webcam footage of an egg in an incubator was placed in the special offers section.

Two weeks later, the egg started to jiggle.

On the 21st day, the egg began to hatch.