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Vitality 360 is a medical-based health plan in Los Angeles that combines health education, a proper diet, exercise, positive mindset, and a healthy lifestyle. It’s run by renowned GI doctor Joel Sachs and celebrity nutritionist Maria Chatman. The target was an existing mailing list of Dr. Sach’s, as well as limited outreach. I ran a five-sequence email campaign in which readers were engaged through a ‘soap opera’ dynamic that kept them engaged for the duration of the campaign. In the emails, I portrayed Dr. Sach’s personal story of his own health transformation.

ELEMENTS: Email Sequence

RESULTS: The program sold out the first two sessions of 20 seats per session at $450/seat. This gave them proof of concept and allowed them to scale Vitality 360 into a larger program throughout many more major cities. Open rates are below.


Hello, Dr. Sach here. I’m writing to tell you about an exciting new practice that I am launching. But in order to tell you about it, I need to share with you the story of my personal health crisis that started it all.

The story I’m going to share with you has been somewhat of a harrowing journey — but it’s also been a journey of learning, transformation, and holistic change for my family.  Not to spoil the ending for you, this journey has altered every aspect of our lives for the better. And the new practice that I’m launching is the culmination of that journey.

My story is a very personal one, and I am going to share it with you over the course of the next four days, in four brief emails.  Each email will describe the phases that my family and I went through, and how we made major changes in our daily habits that led not only to an end of the crisis but to our dramatically improved health and happiness.

I’ll be providing links to PDFs of guideposts and lessons that you can use to incorporate into your own life. I’ll also introduce you to my new practice and explain how it can vastly improve your own health and happiness.

Look out for tomorrow’s email — the subject line will be “The Crisis”.

In health, Joel


I was the unhealthiest doctor in the world.

I had dedicated my life to helping my patients take care of their health, yet I was neglecting my own.

Let me go back for a moment, to when I was in medical training at USC, Cedars Sinai, and UCLA, and was completely taken by the field of Gastroenterology. I learned that the gut is the most primordial system in our bodies. It evolved before any other bodily system, and is the only system that is intrinsically connected with every part of the brain, every muscle, and every other organ in the body. In other words, the gastrointestinal system is everything. It is central to other organ systems.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how someone who is so versed in the importance of gut health could possibly neglect their own health.

Put simply, bad habits took over.

Lack of sleep led to anxiety. Anxiety led to sugar cravings. Sugar cravings led to poor eating, which led to dramatic weight gain. My cholesterol levels shot up.  Sleep apnea led to snoring, which got me kicked out of the bedroom multiple times by my wife.

And soon enough, it all blew up into a self-inflicted health crisis that floored me:

I was diagnosed with fatty liver.

I didn’t need another doctor to tell me that meant I was headed towards a liver transplant.

Although I was working tirelessly to help my patients and gaining a strong reputation in the field, having been nominated by my colleagues as one of Southern California’s Super Doctors, I had somehow disconnected my respect for the Gastroenterology profession, from respect for my own gastrointestinal system.

Tomorrow I’ll take you on the hard road I faced. Look for my email ‘The Hard Road Ahead’.

In Health, Joel


“I’m a doctor with a major self-inflicted health crisis.” I couldn’t escape the profound irony of this statement.

And although I could have let emotions get the better of me, I was still a doctor, and I began to think about that question in both rational and scientific terms — and I began to look for an answer.

So I began to hunt for a solution. I studied the top health advocates in the world, including Dean Ornish (Look him up on YouTube). I dug into every piece of research, every study, and every experiment I could find. Late nights. Reading and more reading. Notes, notes, and more notes.

I incorporated my own 20-years of experience in the practice of medicine with the latest findings in health and wellness, and created a plan for myself to live by. I identified the direct effect upon our systems that every piece of nutrition would have. I defined the exact ways in which processed foods, sugar, and junk were killing me. I put together an exercise regimen and connected it directly to how it would affect my muscles, organs, mind, and key health indicators.

I was in the unique position to combine my deep medical knowledge of the GI tract – the center of our bodies – with the most current discoveries in lifestyle medicine. 

In the link below, feel free to download a cheat sheet of my recommendations. Maybe even consider hanging it on your fridge.

Look for tomorrow’s email titled “The Epiphany”.

In Health, Joel


My new plan was paying off.  I was going through a metamorphosis. I lost 30 pounds at a rate of 5 pounds per week, and I kept it off. My energy went through the roof. My mental state did a complete 180. I started sleeping like a rock. My skin took on a glow, and even my hair became thicker and shinier. My key numbers changed almost immediately, from that of someone in failing health, to the profile of someone in excellent health.

My diet became plant-based, and after studying how to use food as medicine, I began creating recipes for meals that put those burgers I was eating to shame.

And finally, my liver diagnosis was reversed and I was out of danger. 

I had never felt better.

And what does someone who lives in Southern California do with a newfound feeling of energy, vitality and youthfulness? He takes up surfing, of course! 

With myself as the first test subject, it was time to share my newly discovered knowledge with my patients. So with the help of Maria Chatman, one of Southern California’s leading health and wellness experts, I organized my plan into a full-fledged program which we call Vitality 360.  

In the link below, I provide an outline of what plant-based foods and which nutrients to increase in your diet. 

For anyone who missed yesterday’s Pillars of Health Cheat Sheet, you can download at the link below.

Look out for my next email, A NEW PRACTICE

In Health, Joel


Now I’m going to tell you something about the medical profession that few doctors want you to know.

The medical profession is not in the business of ‘curing’ diseases. It’s in the business of ‘managing’ diseases, mostly through the use of pharmaceuticals. This means that most doctors will answer a health issue with a pill. Or two. Or ten.

Because, it turns out, there’s a lot more money in management than in cures.

Although top doctors generally don’t overprescribe, the pharma and insurance companies have the medical profession in a headlock. And they don’t want you to believe a very simple truth…

Food is medicine. 

Exercise is medicine.

Brain activity is medicine.

And this is what our Vitality 360 programs are based upon.

These truths, in combination with my knowledge base of medicine, have become my most powerful weapons in helping my patients get off their medicines, and into a state of wellness and vitality.

I am not implying that there isn’t room for medicine or medical procedures, or that preventative health will eradicate the need for these things. But wherever possible, doctors must help patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle, instead of rushing to prescribe medication and ignoring all else.

I no longer want to see people locked into a lifetime of pills. I no longer want to see anyone in physical discomfort because of poor health. And I no longer want to see cancer.

I want to see people living vibrant, healthy, joyful lives, and that is what my new program creates.

If my story has inspired you, and if you’d like to experience it as well, please have a look at Vitality 360 here.

As you can see, it’s already changing lives:

“This program yielded results – a detox from sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and 7 pounds of weight loss without counting calories!  Surprisingly this non-veggie person found the food to be delicious and easy to prepare!  Even better, I now have the tools and knowledge to continue a healthy lifestyle!”

— Melissa, 14 Day Gut Reset Participant

“The program is well-designed and easy to follow.  I was never hungry. After a few days, I began to feel more energy, and I was sleeping great. I accomplished my goals of losing 5 pounds, learning about a plant-based diet, and adopting some healthy lifestyle changes. Not a bad result in just two weeks!”

— Jeff, 14 Day Gut Reset Participant

“My skin is glowing which several people pointed out independently.  I lost 5 pounds and my energy is way up!”

— Christy, 14 Day Gut Reset Participant

“I am going to have some major healthy habits moving forward.  I really enjoyed the abundance of greens and lack of poisonous stuff in my body.  I haven’t slept so uninterrupted in ages.”

— Ceren, 14 Day Gut Reset Participant

In Health, Joel 

Email campaigns are all about open rates. We got 50.3% on the highest end, and 29.1% on the lowest end.

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