Project Description

A.1. Steak Sauce

A1 is one of the most famous brands in America. So famous, in fact, that there’s a bottle of A1 in almost every fridge. However, it’s usually in the back where it gets forgotten about for years. To get the sauce pouring again, we developed a new strategy promoting usage on foods other than steak. Our campaign defended the unusual choice against any initial judgments people may have. Because judging someone based on their condiment choice is called prejudice it’s not cool.

Director: Hank Perlman

Campaign Support ~
The strategy was accompanied with an aggressive support program. The Kraft chefs (Geniuses, by the way) created A1 recipes with pork, chicken, shrimp and many other meats which were distributed to food service providers and food bloggers. We created a delicious-looking Pinterest page for the recipes accompanied by great food photography. The page gained over 200,000 followers.