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Dave Gassman • Explosive Marketing2020-01-31T19:33:32-07:00

Welcome to my portfolio! I combine my history of making national award-winning creative advertising campaigns with my expertise in butts-though-the-door digital tools to build fully measurable ROI+ marketing campaigns. I provide everything from top-level creative writing, art direction, branding, and big ideas to actionable data that will be the lifeblood of your business. Feel free to peruse my creative work and case studies.

Content and Advertising: I’ve been an ad agency Creative Director for over 20 years, during which I’ve honed-in my creative and strategic marketing skills to build powerful ad campaigns for major brands. I’ve also created online video campaigns that have gone crazily viral.

Social Media Marketing: I run social media marketing the way it was designed to work… as a sales tool that creates conversions. Social also allows me to bring ROI to small and medium-sized businesses efficiently and affordably. This is the hard-working stuff that drives immediate leads and traffic.

Brand Platforms: An effective brand platform isn’t just a logo, a type treatment, or a color palette. Rather, it’s communication built upon a creative idea that embodies the brand mission, and indelibly etches the brand into the customer’s mind. A great brand platform makes a huge difference when it comes to scaling and growing a business.