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People say the nicest things.

“Dave has transformed our business. His marketing has filled our pipeline with leads that we’ve been able to consistantly convert into new solar jobs. He has also helped us with branding and strategy, and we’re starting to move into an email campaign. We moved most resources away from every other lead gen processes and put them into Dave’s progam.”

NOTE: He checked. He’s running an 85% appointment-setting rate, and the campaign has brought in over $500k in profit.

Leo Ben Hamo, Owner – Diamond Solar

Jason Land, Owner – Guitar Ninjas

Alanis Morissette – Rock Star

Maria Chatman, Partner – Vitality 360 Wellness

Tom Gohring, Owner – Master Gohring’s Martial Arts

“Dave helped two of our startup restaurant chains attain profitability in record time. A great combo of social and branding gave us great results.”

Tobi Miller – Founder, LemonShark Poke and Bratwork Hot Dogs

“Dave is creating branding for a new development project based upon a deep dive customer research exploration. We’re designing the project to the specific needs of customers, creating tremendous efficiency and saving us money.”
Richard Gottlieb – President, D&R Investments

Joel Sach – Physician