“There are a handful of people that you work with in life that are simply exceptional. They do their research. They listen. They incorporate your feedback, and they help make your organization great. Dave is one of those guys. I can roughly explain my vision for a campaign, and he takes it and creates emotional and impactful marketing. It’s wonderful to be able to trust his understanding of us. Dave makes it look easy, and I am grateful that he is part of our team. The Navy SEAL Foundation loves Dave Gassman!”

Robin King, CEO – Navy SEAL Foundation

Chris Irwin, Communications Director – Navy SEAL Foundation

Zeppa Kreager, Director – Biden Foundation

Alanis Morissette – Rock Star

Jason Land, Owner – Guitar Ninjas

“Dave is a branding wizard. He’s doesn’t just make things pretty. He takes a marketing approach to the brand and makes it special and differentiated from the competition. He listened to our story and our thinking, and from there built the entire system for Brätworks. He created the strategic direction, including the name and concept for LemonShark. Without Dave, we would have been just other players in saturated markets. With Dave, our restaurants were turned into something unique, compelling, and profitable.”

Tobi Miller, CEO – LemonShark Poke and Brätworks Hot Dogs

Raphael Verela, Owner – Circuit Works Fitness

Rob Sherlock, Chief Creative Officer – Foote, Cone, and Belding

Heidi and Rachel Grimes, Owners – Yamaha Music Schools/Arizona

“David invented an entire branding program for a new major entertainment complex in Ridgecrest, California that is currently under construction. He made everything from the name to the logo and all of the signage and communication and pulled it together in a beautiful package. His branding also informed the architecture, environmental design, and communication materials.”
Richard Gottlieb, President – RJG Montana, Real Estate Investment and Development

“Dave has transformed our business. His marketing has filled our pipeline with leads that we’ve been able to consistently convert into new solar jobs. He has also helped us with branding and strategy, and we’re starting to move into an email campaign. We moved most resources away from other lead gen processes and put them into Dave’s program.”

Leo Ben Hamo, CEO – Diamond Solar

Donald Durham, Owner – Mission 2 Math Tutoring

Pat Adams, Managing Director – Secret Weapon Marketing

Maria Chatman, Partner – Vitality 360 Wellness

Dan Emery, Founder – New York City Guitar School

Tom Gohring, Founder – Kick Butt Coffee and Kung Fu

Joel Sach, MD, Founder – Vitality 360