Project Description


I’m incredibly honored to have the Navy SEAL Foundation as a client. This amazing organization supports SEALs and their families, vets, Naval Special Warfare Operatives, and Gold Star families. I help them reach a wider audience who may not have as much knowledge or awareness of the incredible sacrifice that these warriors make.

RESULTS: Increase of monthly recurring donations by over 50%. Veteran’s Day video brought the Navy SEAL Foundation over $25,000 in just 24 hours.

The foundation had traditionally been relying upon large corporate sponsors and donors who are very close to or affiliated with Naval Special Warfare. This resulted in an ‘eggs in one basket’ dynamic which was risky. If a single large donor decided to move their support to another foundation, the NSF would be taking a huge hit. We needed to help the foundation branch out into a wider audience and diversify its donor pool.

We repositioned the foundation from being the center of the support system for the SEAL community to a ‘conduit’ between potential donors and the SEALs. We created a new tagline ‘A NATION OF SUPPORT FOR OUR MOST ELITE TEAM’ and wrote a new manifesto that brings the entire country into the NSW fold, not just big donors. This makes the average citizen feel that, through their support, they’re an intrinsic part of the SEAL mission. Which they are.

Our new ‘Nation of Support’ campaign premiered at the annual 2021 New York NSF conference in front of Navy brass, big donors, members of Naval Special Warfare, and President George W. Bush. I partnered with the amazing Ironclad Films to produce this launch video.

I built an automated new donor funnel from scratch called ‘STAND WITH SEALS’. The top of the funnel consists of Facebook ads and Google search ads leading to a landing page ( that collects subscribers. New subscribers receive a five-email ‘soap opera’ sequence that give them a brief overview of SEALs, SWCCs (Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen), families, veterans, and the foundation. From there, our emails deliver value, news and education, interspersed with donation drives. Through extensive testing, I was able to get landing page views down to 10¢ and new subscribers under 70¢.

We created these videos to commemorate Veteran’s Day. Reebok also ran the videos to their fans.

This video commemorates the 9/11 20 year anniversary, and pays tribute to the US Navy SEALs’ involvement in the response.

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