Project Description


Guitar Ninjas is a chain of guitar schools in Southern California. Instead of one logo, I created five, all tied together with the palette and typography. This gave the brand a lot of energy and variation.

The ‘ninja’ part of the school is all about mindset, so I wrote the manifesto and tagline around the theme… Master the Music, Master the Mind. Rock and Roll plus mindset is what Guitar Ninjas is all about.

Brand Strategy and Research, Multiple Logos, Tagline, Manifesto, Typography, Palette, Copy and Tone, Website, In-Studio Graphics, Apparel and Merch, Brand Guide

• Measurable increase of 23% in new student acquisition.
• Month-over-month website traffic continues to increase 150% since the launch of the new brand.
• New storefront branding drives walk-ins as a new lead source.
• Launch of new Encino location in the works.

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