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Dave Gassman • Explosive Marketing2018-12-09T19:20:42+00:00

Welcome! I combine my 20-year award-winning creative advertising experience with cutting-edge digital marketing tools to create ROI+ marketing campaigns, viral content, and brand platforms for small to medium-sized businesses. Feel free to peruse my creative work and case studies.


Content and Advertising: I’ve been a traditional ad guy for over 20 years, during which I’ve honed-in my creative and strategic marketing skills to create powerful work for brands. My history has also informed my current digital content work.

Social Media Marketing: I create social marketing the way it was designed to work… as a sales funnel that creates conversions. Social also allows me to bring ROI to small and medium-sized businesses efficiently and affordably.

Brand Platforms: An effective brand platform isn’t just a logo, a type treatment, or a color palette. Rather, it’s communication built upon a creative idea that embodies the brand mission, and indelibly etches the brand into the customer’s mind.