Project Description


Studio 21 is an old and well-known cigar brand from Davidoff. Long considered a daily smoker at about $2/cigar, the client wanted to elevate the brand and bring it to a more upscale consumer and price it at $8 to $10/cigar. I associated the word ‘studio’ to old-time recording studios where cigars were enjoyed throughout sessions by Frank, Dean, and even Elvis. A time of analog recording and reel-to-reel tape that existed before computers, auto-tune, or Pro-Tools. I redesigned the brand with a traditional art deco style, but kept the typography contemporary. The tagline ‘Finer Notes’ harks back to a heritage of craftsmanship, before the advent of automation and computerization.

Brand Strategy, Research, Logo, Tagline, Manifesto, Typography, Palette, Copy and Tone, Packaging, Brand Guide.

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